New NSF Grant to Promote CS4All Implementation

Happy to announce that I have received a new NSF grant in collaboration with CSNYC/CS4All Consortium (PI Leigh Ann DeLyser). We’ll be developing research practice partnerships between NYU, CSNYC and rural/suburban districts in upstate New York, to prototype strategies for better implementation of computer science for all.

The history of policy implementation in K-12 schools is full of cases of failed implementation of new curriculum and technology. In this project, we are designing and testing strategies for teams of K-12 educators to create more robust visions, implementation plans, and partnerships to ensure successful CS4All implementation. We will also be developing practical measures so districts and educators can track how well-aligned their implementations are to achieve success.

New Grant to study Informal Learning Orgs

We’re excited to be awarded a ~$330,000 grant from the Susan Crown Exchange. We are developing a partnership with 8, innovative, out-of-school learning programs that are using digital media to engage young people in computing, making, and other domains.

Our project will explore the best practices of these learning organizations, and better define the types of skills and literacies that learners develop in these settings, as they connect to future pathways in education and career.

School Libraries as Learning Labs

I’m happy to share some exciting recent news.  First, an article I co-authored with colleagues (Dr. Subramaniam, Dr. Fleischmann, and Dr. Druin) here at the iSchool was just recently accepted to The Library Quarterly.  In it, we outline a framework to think about how school library settings can be ideal places to promote science, technology, engineering, and math learning.  We think there is particular promise to think about school libraries as hybrid spaces, where students can link their everyday interests to STEM ideas.  We also see great promise in school librarians as technology-integrators and leaders for media-enhanced learning.  [see publications]

Second, this work sets the stage for a recent NSF grant we received to explore how to use science-fiction based storytelling, social network sites, and school libraries to pique student interests in STEM and help them identify as potential scientists.  We’re still getting things started, but I’m excited to share more as we go.  At the moment, I’m quite inspired by Brian David Johnson’s idea of Science Fiction Prototyping. [more on the project page].

RASA Research Grant

I received a Research and Scholarship Award (RASA) from the University of Maryland this year. This seed grant will provide funds for me to conduct a study this coming summer on designing social interdependence mechanisms that may promote better collaborative learning in networked, online environments. I’m honored to receive the award and excited to conduct the study this summer!

SPARC Research Grant

I’m happy to share that I received a SPARC grant from the University of Maryland, College Park (College of Education). This seed grant is geared towards early career faculty to conduct initial research studies and jumpstart their activities. My project will qualitatively examine the Facebook activity of high school youth to determine the types of learning and social behaviors that occur in this online community.