Courses taught at New York University:

EDCT 2015: User Experience Design Studio
Dates: Spring 2017
Description: Graduate course that guides students through the human centered design process to develop new learning and educational technologies.

EDCT 2500: Games and Play in Education
Dates: Spring 2017
Description: Graduate course exploring how games and play can promote powerful learning, and understanding the design of games and play for learning goals.

Courses taught at the University of Maryland:

LBSC 642: Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning
Dates: Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Summer 2014; Fall 2015
Description: A masters level course in the school library media specialization for the Master of Library Science (MLS). This course examines current trends in education, technology, and new media and consider how educators can best integrate new technologies into educational environments including classrooms and libraries.

EDCI 288b: Networked Intelligence – Learning, Living, and Connecting Smarter in the Digital Age
Dates: Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014; Spring 2015; Spring 2016
Description: Undergraduate I-series course (special capstone courses) that explores the cognitive, social, and societal impacts of social media, the internet, and new forms of technology on learning and education

INST 800: The Engaged Intellectual – An Introduction to Research and Academic Work
Dates: Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014
Description: A core PhD course in the College of Information Studies. In this seminar, students explore the issues surrounding academic life with a particular focus on what it means to undertake research, teaching, and service.

EDCI 687: Learning and the Web
Dates: Fall 2014
Description: A graduate-level, special topics course for the Technology, Learning, and Leadership specialization/program in the College of Education. In this course, we examine issues around web-based platforms and tools, and their use and impacts on teaching and learning.

LBSC 690: Introduction to Information Technology
Dates: Fall 2011
Description: A core course for the Master of Library Science (MLS) program. This course provides an introduction to information technology as it is used in libraries, archives, schools, and (increasingly) everyday life. Special emphasis is placed on the design of systems for connecting users with information.

EDPS 788: Technology, Policy, and Education Reform
Dates: Spring 2011
Description: An advanced doctoral, seminar course that examined the role of policy and technology on the process of school reform and classroom innovation.