Awarded New NSF DR-K12 Grant

Excited to announce that I was awarded a new NSF Grant. The project is in collaboration with University of Washington, Vanderbilt University, and University of California-Riverside. My Co-PIs include Kara Jackson, Paul Cobb, Erin Henrick, Thomas Smith, and Marsha Ing.

In the project will create research-practice partnerships with 5 school districts across the country, where our team will work with instructional coaches and middle school math teachers to improve their pedagogical practices. Within this context, we are focusing on creating valid “practical measures” to help teachers understand and reflect on their practice, and inform future decisions.

My role in the project is to help design interactive data visualizations and data collection mechanisms, so that teachers can engage with these practical measures quickly and effectively. I’m excited for this $5 million project (approximately $1 million is NYU’s portion of the project).